Make reservations of products very easily and never rent reserved products for other customers.

Manage your orders and check when products are not returned on time. No more confusion and unhappy customers.

Inventory Pricing

Create a flexible rent pricing and we will calculate it automatically according to selected rent period. It is suitable for every kind of business.

Create tax rates to your shop and add it to your products if necessary. We will calculate the taxes precisely for every order so you will have correct data.


Make orders as fast as possible – with our platform you will not need to issue invoices separately – create invoice directly from the order.

You can issue invoices per one click and change it if necessary. Invoices are kept in the system so you can always reach them whenever needed.

And there is more

Brentiv rental software is created for everyone from the smallest to biggest rentals so we offer you plenty of great features applicable for all users.

Unlimited orders and products

We offer you to have the unlimited number orders and products so you will not worry of exceeding the limits. Feel free and keep calm!

Unlimited customers

It does not matter if you have 100 or 1 million customers, you can use Brentiv without any limits.


No need to prepare diagrams to analyze your business. We offer you to have all necessary analytical information with updated data just per one click!

Multiple locations

Have many rentals in different locations? We will help you - have all your products and orders separately and in case of unexpected situations while renting products check their availability in your other rental.

Applicable to phones and tablets

Our platform is responsive for mobile phones and tablets so you can use them when renting products at your rental place.

API integration

Want to incorporate other systems into Brentiv? No problem, we have API integration available.

Free updates

We work a lot on implementing new features into the platform and we suggest you to have them for free.

Prioritized support

We have a great support team which has excellent communication skills and can confirm amazing services and maintenance delivery.

Let's talk about how Brentiv can help you to rent products without any hassle.
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